About us

LEDA – Your strategic partner for metal construction outsourcing.
Our expertise qualifies us to supply and partner with tier 1-2 and 3 industries. Either standard or industry specific customized, LEDA offers you well engineered metal construction for your solutions.
With more than 129 employees, 3 production sites in Ukraine, experience and innovative strength: LEDA is strong in every aspect. Sophisticated, sturdy machines, state-of-the-art methods and detailed solutions with a great deal of engineering ingenuity make LEDA the first choice for steel construction subcontracting.

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LEDA is a successfully business with experience in developing and producing industry specific metal solutions.
It all started with a small workshop serving the local market with light metal constructions, years of expertise in the local market led to the development from a small workshop to a 10,000m² medium sized factory.
LEDA focused its operations with Western European countries which resulted in investing and expanding its manufacturing capacity to meet all European standards either in quality or know-how knowledge. By the end of 2018 LEDA was one of the main subcontractor for metal construction outsourcing throughout Western Europe.
Our enduring expertise in the metal fabrication industry and trust of our partners led us to where we stand today in the market.
LEDA today:
• 129 employees
• 5,000 m² facility
• 70 metal processing machines
• 4,000 tons of steel processed annually
• Supplying a broad range of industries in the market

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Why choose LEDA
as your partner?

• History of innovation: We have a great experience in the metal industry
• Lasting quality & value
• Broad service offering for all industries
• We are one of the largest contract manufacturers in Europe
• Our customers are leaders in their fields
• Proven technology: The finest expertise in the field is at your disposal
• Certified by Bureau Veritas

Facility, m²
Metal processing machine
Tons of steel processed annually

    Performance     range

We own and operate an extensive state of the art machinery portfolio. Our in-house capacities meet all the aspects of metalworking from A – Z without the need of outsourcing.
Our highly skilled process engineers, technologists and machine operators most of whom are in-house trained are able to operate and produce any complex solutions in the metal industry.


An overview of our capacities and machines:
Laser and plasma cutting machines for flat sheet
• CNC laser cutting machine Trumpf TruMatic L4050
• CNC laser cutting machine Trumpf TruLaser 3040
Cutting machines for special profiles
• CNC Pegas band saw
• CNC Everising band saw
Our welding hall is comprised of over 30 highly qualified and certified welders by Bureau Veritas along with 40 Fronius and ESAB welding machines for metal inert gas, metal active gas, tungsten inert gas and manual arc welding up to 650A.


Mechanical and hydraulic presses up to 500T
• CNC Baykal APHS 3706 hydraulic sheet bending press
• CNC Durma pressing machine.
Bending technology
• CNC CSM tube bending machine
Punching technology
• CNC punching machine Trumpf TruPunch 3000
Milling technology
• CNC 65A80F4-65A60F111 vertical milling machines
• CNC HAAS milling center
Turning technology
• CNC HAAS turning machine

Surface treatment

Throughout our coating workshop, we follow an environmentally friendly system to reduce the causes of harms as much as possible. Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to virtually any type of metal that can be used both by industry and consumers.
Performance steps:
• Metal cleaning – Dexter chemicals treatment
• Water treatment – Cleaning
• Phosphate conversion coating
• Drying
• Powder coating – Indoor/Outdoor usage
• Oven treatment for polymerization
In addition to this, LEDA owns and operates its in-house halls for the following activities:
• Tool workshop
• Forging workshop
• Mold design/production worksho










Business Divisions:

• Packaging and Logistics | Containers – Stacking racks – Pallets
• Automotive | Customized transport containers for automotive parts
• Agricultural | Complex welded assemblies for trucks
• Greenhouse steel fabrication | Frame - structure working
• Machinery attachements | Loader and Excavator buckets

Industry know-how

From the draft drawings to the final product:
Our expertise in the steel industry grows every day for the past 28 years. Our know-how in the field is multi-industrial, ranging from the production of solutions for the automotive, agricultural and industrial markets to the core business of steel production for the logistics, waste, greenhouse and construction markets.
Our highly qualified process engineers and technologists are ready to assist you in every step of the project. Our manufacturing expertise in the multi-industrial market allows us to identify and resolve gaps from the very initial stages of the projects. We spot errors and assist clients in designing and re-designing of drawings as well as giving optimal manufacturing-material solutions and schemes to reduce costs efficiently.

Our high quality production site and scope of work are validated and certified by Bureau Veritas according to:
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate, expiry 26/6/2020 Bureau Veritas Scope of certificate: Manufacture of metal structure and their components
ISO 3834 Part 2 Welding Quality Management Certificate, expiry 1/2/2023 European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting International Institute of Welding cope of certificate: Production of metallic structures and parts of structures for building, lighting, machine and units for agriculture and forestry